How to Succeed in Your Own Business

How to Succeed in Your Own Business

How to succeed in your own business online relies on your ability to:

  • Observe Outcomes
  • Define Issues
  • Identify what Works
  • Change what Doesn’t Work

You’ve heard it said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Well, I’d say flat out that the above quip is the definition of insanity, as it relates to starting up a successful online business. Repeating the same thing over and over again, is only a good thing if what you’re doing works the way you want it to the first time.

Otherwise, you’ll be doing the same mistakes over, and over, costing you time and most likely some money too.

Observe Outcomes

Observe an outcomeThere is one desirable outcome as it relates to a successful online business, and that is success itself. What are your goals? Are you achieving them? What are your short and long term goals? Some food for thought there.

From here forward, we’ll be relating to any online business that is centered around a website.


Websites are a tremendous resource for you to launch many different types of campaigns from. To read more about how easy it is to start up a website successfully the first time, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Starting up a website is the easy part, getting people’s eyeballs on it is a little harder. Converting readers into customers takes a special touch, and some basic training. But for the sake of this article, let’s assume that you’ve just taken the step to be an affiliate, or some form of online marketing, and have just created your first webpage!

Give yourself Time

When you’re beginning your adventure into whatever online business you’ve chosen out of the myriad of different angles available on the internet, your success shouldn’t necessarily be measured by how much you’ve earned on the short term.

Reason being, as it is with any real business, you can’t expect much for profit for about a year or so. The internet works that way for many different avenues. I’m not saying you won’t be making money, but a profit? Don’t be too disappointed if it takes time.

Give yourself timeIt may be more frustrating, but consider looking at other metrics. For a business based around a website, it’s better to build a following. That doesn’t happen overnight, and depending on whatever the niche you’ve chosen, it may take quite awhile to catch people’s attention on a constant basis.

It’s been my experience that a following, though it takes time, is easier to achieve via social media within your first year, than it is organically through people finding your site from search engines such as Google or Bing.

But if you are consistent with your content, and make sure that you know what’s going on under the hood of your website, you’ll notice more organic hits coming in, and will see a percentage increase of repeat visitors.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are your friends. Use them to their fullest extent to measure observable outcomes.

Define Issues

Define IssuesIf you’ve given yourself ample time to achieve some measure of success (hits to your site, repeat visitors, etc.), and find that you’re not getting anywhere, take an honest assessment of where you may be going wrong.

Being honest with yourself is key to getting to the root of an issue, particularly if you’re the one at the helm. If you’re not reaching your set objectives, examine them first.

Are they realistic?

Do things work differently than you may have thought when you established your goals?

Are you doing what it takes to move forward, or just enough to get by?

Are you holding fast to the route you’ve decided to take in order to meet or exceed your goals, or have you become distracted by other means?

Identify what Works

identify what worksSay you’re doing ten things a day to stay consistently working toward building up your online presence. Have you done any research on what you’ve done to see whether or not they are being effective?

If out of those ten different things that you do, only 3 things are being effective at all,and the rest aren’t doing anything for you, stop it! Cut out those seven things that aren’t working for you, and hold to what works.

Now, it may be of value to dig in a little to see if you’re the reason any of those seven things don’t work. For example, if you converse back and forth with people on facebook and build trust and a rapport with others in that arena, but spam twitter with nothing but a link, which do you think will be more effective. Also, who’s fault is it?

Like I said, honesty is key. If you can’t be honest with yourself as you’re trying to streamline everything into a successful experience, you’ll have a much harder time finding any kind of success.

Change what Doesn’t Work

change what wont workPretty self explanatory wouldn’t you say? Let’s continue talking about the ten imaginary things you’re doing to grow that I wrote about above… Take a look at the seven things that aren’t working and see if they would work if you were to do something different.

However, not everything is going to work for everyone, so if there’s nothing you can do, stop spending time on what isn’t working.

Instead of wasting time on the seven things that either don’t or won’t work, strengthen your hold on the three that does work. Change your focus from the things that aren’t working, to the things that are working.

Once you’ve mastered whatever those three things are, then find a fourth if you’re comfortable doing so.

You may even find that there isn’t any need to incorporate more on your plate in order to expand your online business. You may achieve your goals by mastering those three particular things that are already working.

How to Succeed in Your Own Business Sum Up

Be wise with your decisions. Strategize, look ahead and be realistic. When things aren’t going the way you think that they should, get to the bottom of why that is, and change course.

If you feel as if you’re just simply treading water with your website, then it’s possible that there’s more you may need to equip yourself with concerning anything from the design of your site, the best way to handle search engine optimization, proper ad placement, or a slew of other things that may be eluding you.

If that is the case, you may find it beneficial to you and your online aspirations to sign up with a community whose expertise is giving you answers to the problems mentioned above, and one that has all the best practices available to help you turn your venture into a success story. Click here to check out my recommendation.

When you learn how to succeed in your own business, it’s just a matter of following through.

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