John Podesta Points the Finger

© Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP
© Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP
© Drew Angerer / Getty Images / AFP

John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, suggested Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was indeed “personally involved” in the election email hacks because Russia wanted Donald Trump as its “lap dog” in the White House.

“Russia clearly intervened,” Podesta said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” in a series of carefully worded responses about who was behind the hacked emails and the impact of them on Clinton’s losing campaign. ~ Read the rest of this article from Fox News.

John Podesta using Attention Span Jujitsu

At what point will people take of their political blinders and realize, the upper tiers of both parties, think we’re all as gullible as their inner circles tell them we are? Men and women of the ilk of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama, (just to name a few,) are doing their utmost to make sure Russian involvement in the US elections remains on the front burner.

Do they honestly believe that were it not for the Russians, Hillary would’ve won? Maybe they do, but perhaps there’s another reason for this call for social justice against supposed “Russian infiltration.”

If there is another reason, it’s certainly a good one! And that reason would begin with a “W” and end with an “ikileaks.” Whatever political jujitsu is necessary to evade the ten second attention span of the majority of Americans is fair game. All of the thousands of incriminating emails that were released have somehow been wiped right off of the front page, and “who done it” is somehow more important than the actual content of those emails.

Nicely done. Why should we care if there are emails concerning Podesta and other officials using Pedophile ‘Code Words,’ placing orders (aka Pizzagate) to fulfil some unnatural, sick, immoral, and illegal desires? Why should we care about the degenerative illegal, or multi-faced behavior of various elected officials?  Who cares about all of that? Let’s crucify Trump and place blame on Russia!

Living on Another Planet

Is it me, or should the issue of who is responsible be placed on the back burner until the content of these emails are dealt with? I mean, I could understand if these emails released by Wikileaks didn’t contain participation in illegal activity shooting in several different directions.

If they were merely humiliating, provocative, or evidence of being disingenuous, I could understand shoving it all aside and dealing with getting to the bottom of exactly who did the hacking. But on what planet is it a good idea for the public, much less the media, to ignore all of the damning content that’s turned up in these thousands of released email messages?

Has anyone noticed that there isn’t any real protest about the validity of these emails being released? Is there a sound defense against the content of these? If there’s been any, I’ve missed it. Could there be no real ground game for a massive defense against these released emails because there’s nothing to defend? Wikileaks has proven itself 100% over the years, and boasts that all of the leaks provided for the past ten years have never been disproven.

In my opinion, the MSM has come out of this past election cycle just as damaged as the DNC. If anyone was still under the belief that our daily news was an unbiased report given to us by unbiased people, then those visions of sugar plumbs have been eradicated from their heads.


Weigh in on this in the comments section below.

Which should be tackled first? Any or all illegal activity presented to us via Wikileaks, or should we be joining with John Podesta, pointing fingers at Russia?

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