Nice France Style Truck Attack in Jerusalem

the four Israeli truck attack victims
These are the four victims lost to the attack

12/08/2017 – A Palestinian Terrorist, 28 year old Fadi Qunbar,  rumored to be affiliated with ISIS, performed a Nice France Style Truck Attack today in Israel. The attack intruded upon a gathering going on in a neighborhood in Armon Hanatziv, found in southeast Jerusalem.

Fadi Qunbar was shot dead on the scene, as he was making an attempt to re-align the truck to make another pass, or so it seems after viewing the video below.
Four soldiers died from the truck attack, (3 cadets and 1 officer), leaving fifteen wounded. Those fallen due to this attack are listed below.

  • Cadet Shira Tsur, 20 years old, from Haifa
  • Cadet Erez Orbach, 20 years old, from Alon Shvut
  • 2nd Lt. Yael Yekutiel, 20 years old, from Givatayim
  • Cadet Shir Hajaj, 22 years old, from Maale Adumim

5 people have been arrested associated with the attacker including some family members. Further investigation is underway.

Video courtesy of collivedotcom

Netanyahu suspects a link between this most recent attack and those of Nice France (85 dead, over 200 injured), and Berlin Germany (12 dead, 48 injured).
This is the worst terror attack since last June, when two gunmen killed four people in Tel Aviv, at a prominent tourist attraction. Since September 2015, Palestinian terrorists have killed 40 Israelis and two visiting Americans.

The Palestinian Hamas movement, was please with the outcome of the attack, referring to it as “Heroic,”and urged more of the same vigor to continue the violence and “escalate the resistance.” They also saw it as an opportunity to celebrate by handing out candy to children, and did all but claim responsibility.


If everyone from governments from around the world were one tenth as honest as they’d like for us to believe that they are, don’t you think that they’d remove focus off of Israel concerning any type of peace deal? What’s the point?

Everybody knows, and yes that means everybody that sits around looking pretty at the United Nations, that so long as there is an Israel, there will be no peace. When a people are trained since childhood at home, and indoctrinated in schools, that they need to hate and kill the Jew, you’ll never squeeze peace out of them.

Why not instead put the pressure on Jordan, to receive and relocate the Palestinians BACK into Jordanian country? After all, it was Jordan that gave up that land in the first place, without any thought of the people involved left on the ground. Wouldn’t that be a more viable option than to ask Israel to potentially split itself in two, while simultaneously being surrounded by her enemies?

Common Sense

Common sense should dictate that there will be no peace between these two peoples, so long as the Palestinians are being squeezed into compact living quarters, and Israel is in need of the tightest security on the planet, or die.

Common sense should also dictate, that such a small landlocked little space such as what current day “Palestine” is, will likely never be content or happy until they have more room. And they’ve made it perfectly clear over the years, that “more room” that I just referred to is about the size of all of Israel.

Just ask our friends at N.P.R., before they received a hard time about this map. See anything missing and/or replaced?

NPR Image removing Israel

So after they were called to task, they took it down. Woops… It’s a simple mistake, right? It couldn’t happen again I’d bet…

Well, except for when CNN did the exact same thing.

Israel wiped off the map

And just like NPR, CNN quickly took the picture down after they were called out on it, claiming that it was a mistake. Oh but wait, I think I may recall something that happened over ten years ago…

BMW Website had this pic up until they were shamed into taking it down back in 2002…

BMW Removing Israel off the face of the Map


But at least when HarperCollins’ atlas omitted Israel, they were honest about it. We just weren’t supposed to get our eyes on a copy of what they were supplying to their middle eastern customers.

HarperCollins atlas omits Israel

They claimed that the folks in the Middle East would not tolerate their atlas having Israel in it. And they’re right! They wouldn’t tolerate it at all.

So we expect Israel to make all sorts of concessions to the Palestinians for the sake of peace? But in the meantime, Israel should be just dandy with the rest of the world wanting to eliminate their sovereignty and their existence as the State of Israel. Particularly after being stabbed in the back at the U.N..

Perhaps we should just leave Israel alone, and move Problemstine back into Jordan, and let them work it out from there.

Sounds unfair and insensitive doesn’t it? Well guess what; how do you think the Israelis wound up scattered all over the planet in the first place? I’ll give you a hint. Look back a couple of years, to around 70-80 A.D… I’ll leave you with that to look up if you don’t already know what I’m talking about.

Both pics from CNN and NPR are from

BMW Photo from

Screenshot of Atlas map from a Fox News video.

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