Review – What is Hedge Formula Group

Review - What is Hedge Formula Group

A quick Review – What is Hedge Formula Group?

Name: Hedge Formula Group (HFG)
Price: Starter Membership: $25.00
Price: Premium Membership: $250.00
Owner: George Dalio
Reviewer’s Opinion – Too scared to try – see below
Who it’s for: Wouldn’t recommend
Dog in the Fight: No Dog in the fight for this review.


Here’s a short review answering, “What is Hedge Formula Group?” So I was scoping out BBC’s website and stumbled across an entire article entitled, “EXPOSED: US Mom From Concord Makes $12,500/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!”  about a woman making money hand over fist because she started getting involved with HFG.

I thought it strange that this would be on a major news outlets website, to I took a moment and read the article, thinking it would be great fodder for my reviews section. So I hit a link somewhere on the page, and it brought me to a video conducted by a man named George Dalio, Owner of HFG.

First impressions

Having seen my share of videos of this nature, I was struggling to find a fast forward button, to get by all of the hooks and bait that videos of this nature put before our eyes, and get to the meat of the issue.

Showing cash figures in an account somewhere of astronomical proportions may impress some people, but as I said, I’ve seen it all before. To my disappointment, there is no fast forward.

Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way, is the old routine that this is a limited time offer, for only 100 people, so you better get in while the getting’s good! This tactic got old in the late 90’s as far as I’m concerned.

On top of that, the video is displayed as if it is live streaming, which it’s not. So a few possible less than honest claims about availability, coupled with a blatant lie about live streaming…

Well, not a very good first impression.

What is Hedge Formula Group all about?

The entire video was over glorifying the notion that you won’t just make money, you “will” wind up rich beyond your wildest dreams. That seems to go on forever, until finally you learn that the pitch is.

Hedge Formula Group gives you free software that you’ll need to download to your computer, and is (what he claimed) a system for auto trading that has up to a 98% accuracy.

That’s where any claim of anything being free ends. From there, if you want to get into the game, you need to make an initial investment of $25.00, then trade by multiples of $250.00 – $500.00.

The way this video is presented, it seems as if there are rich parana out there just waiting to multiply that first initial $25.00 payment! At the rate the example in the video bumped up, you’d be making thousands by the end of your first week!

Video Testimonials

There were a handful of testimonials given, of course all of which gave praise to the system and how it changed their lives.

If anyone had anything derogatory to say, would they make the video? Of course not. So their testimonies didn’t help sway me to dive into the program.

For the sake of this review…

For the sake of this review, I was going to sign up and see just how far I could get in the system before it began to demand money. I mean, if it were real and it payed out the way they claimed, it’d be a win-win. And if I invested that $25.00 and it didn’t pan out, then I’d at least have that much more firepower for this review.

So I proceeded to fill in my email address in the opt-in form, then held my finger over the mouse button to hit the “GO” button to enter in. But I never made it that far, and I’ll tell you why…

Scam Exposed!

It only took me a moment’s research before hitting the “GO” button, before I found that the claims in the video about their software and the system around it weren’t only disingenuous, but were downright lies!

The “Owner” of the company, “George Dalio,” isn’t the owner at all! He’s a paid actor!

And the other folks in the video are also actors!

In fact, the very website that I thought was the BBC, which caused the article that I read to hold more water as far as I was concerned, isn’t BBC at all!

This is where I was.


This is where I thought I was.


Pretty sneaky huh?

So, why move forward with something that smelled like a rat? So fortunately, I never did hit that go button, and am $25.00 richer because of it.

Fortunately for me, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve not been duped into any online scams (before joining, I had my fill). I’m a beneficiary of the many “heads up’s” that come about in the community as it relates to scam warnings. You also absorb different methods to detect a scam through the training as well.

But sadly, I’m sure that there are enough people out there that aren’t too aware of how deep the rabbit hole of scammers can get. How legit they can sound as well as how professional they can appear.

As it says above, in the review breakdown, I’ve got no dog in the fight, and am not affiliated with any other trading outfit. So when it comes to who to trust, I’ll have to relay that to you as an update to this post in the event I ever get involved with that arena.

That’s all for this review. Thanks for reading and I hope that it helped you to avoid making a mistake that might wind up costing you some hard earned income.

Did you come here because you were looking for info about  the Hedge Formula Group? If you’ve got any info to add to this review, such as your own personal experiences, please leave your comment down below. If you’d like to help others avoid losing their money to this particular scam, please share the article with your peers.

I hope that you found this Review – What is Hedge Formula Group, useful!

2 Replies to “Review – What is Hedge Formula Group”

  1. Hi Brian

    We must never hit that GO button, not even to verify its a scam cause as you found out, there are ways to see its a scam without paying a cent.
    Thanks so much for sharing this and exposing it, I’m sure many have fallen for this… to those folks, get in touch with your credit card provider and see what can be done, get your money back! 😉

    Thanks again Brian.


    1. Hi Kamil,
      If there’s ever anyone feeling desperate enough to try anything to either supplement their income, or are just flat out in need, you can rest assured that there’ll be a line of people waiting to take advantage. I’ve been there and have been duped several times over in the past. As technology gets better, so does scam camo!

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

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