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What is the News About

About News Today begs the question, “What is the News about these days?” Are you frustrated by what we’re not informed about when listening to talking heads dominate the narrative that we’re supposed to be swallowing? If you answered yes to that question, then you’ll enjoy this site and will appreciate the articles included. I also think you’ll enjoy those yet to come.

The days of calling everything right down the middle are long gone. Because of that, people that are not paying full attention are not getting the full story behind some of the most important news stories out there. It is a disgrace, and on a quiet and still day, one can hear Walter Cronkite spinning in his grave.

The objective of this website isn’t to create news, make news, or anything along those lines, but is more about the news and issues that come across our finite attention spans. We’ll provide commentary and conversation about the latest news. Sure you may disagree with some of the opinions and commentaries here at aboutnewstoday.com, but that’s just fine. The whole point is for us to look at what’s not being said in any given story or article. Exchanging ideas, and looking at several sides to a problem makes us all better informed, or at the very least more thoughtful.

Comment sections will be available for every page and article, just so you can let me know your thoughts. If you would like to get ahold of me personally for whatever reason, maybe forward me a story you’d like some commentary on, or otherwise featured here on the site, let me know in the contact form below.

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So, what is the news about these days in your honest opinion, and what would you like to see here at About News Today?