Who am I? About Me

To quote Admiral James Stockdale,”Who am I? Why am I here?” Well, understanding that I am the world’s foremost authority of the subject of who I am, I may be able to answer that question.

My name is Brian Reynolds, and I currently live in New Hampshire with my wife and family.

First and foremost, I am a Christian, and enjoy my relationship with the Lord. He has guided me through every trouble, and has thus far seen to it that I make it to the other side of the valley of shadow of death. After that, I’m a writer, and a producer of all sorts of different online content.

I’ve authored two books:

Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World

Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World

Are demons the same as fallen angels? Is it okay to go ghost hunting? How can psychics or occultists cast out demons? Why would a loving God place Satan alongside his most prized creation? Is God getting a bum rap concerning the

great flood?

Find the answers to these questions and also take a journey through Biblical History and observe the tactical maneuvering that has been waging throughout the ages.

And Also:

Not of this World- Out of the MireNot of this World: Out of the Mire

Out of the Mire not only provides Bible backed revelation into the world’s stranglehold on the Body of Christ, but answers questions along the way, providing the ultimate solution to our dilemma.

Are we aware of how deep this world has sunk its fingers into our lives, hampering our spiritual growth? Are we aware of all the intricate ways we’ve been programmed to think and behave? In this short book,we’ll explore how the Body of Christ must commit to a first step, in order to remove a particular burden that this world has placed upon we who are Ambassadors of Christ.

Also, I am the producer of the Supernatural Truth in Christ website, which I have found to be an extraordinary experience, and through that site I’ve been touched by many people. As dedicated to that site and ministry as I may be, there is a host of articles that I’ve not written because it wouldn’t be appropriate for the theme and niche of that website.

Which is why we’re here now at aboutnewstoday.com. This is where I intend to expand into news commentary, reviews of different kinds of things, (can’t be too specific at this time, as I’m leaving all options on the table) and also intend to expand the website into the realm of website design and SEO practices, things of that nature.

I envision an enormous website with tons of options and all kinds of things going on all over this site, categories galore! But for now, bear with me as I get this site off the ground, as it is in its infancy.

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